Business Development

Naviro helps companies develop and grow. It can be done in many different ways, and we call them business development.

Taking advice and support from an experienced and neutral party is often highly useful. We see your business with fresh, neutral eyes and can compare it with best practices.

We can help you with both advice and actions. Working with business development, one must be able to see things in new angles, which is hard from inside.

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Aftermarket business expertise

Aftermarket development is a key area for Naviro. We help companies to make the most of their aftermarket with results such as increased sales, better profitability, improved quality and higher customer satisfaction.

We have very well documented and excellent results both as consultants and from previous employments.

Aftermarket is often referred to with words like after sales, services, spare parts and field services. No matter what it is called, we can help with both advice and actions.

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This is Naviro's public portal where aftermarket professionals in the industry can discuss and access a wide range of information from hundreds of sources. Free of charge for all readers.

Easy access to qualified info. We gather it from thousands of sources and then present the most relevant, in logical groups.

Visit it already today!

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Marine industry advisor

Working with the marine shipping or bulk terminal industry? We do too. Naviro have extensive experience in the marine industry, and we are frequently consulted by marine industry suppliers, investors and major consultancy firms. We understand how both sales and service works in the marine industry, as we have over 20 years of own operative experience and 5 years as advisors behind us.

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Sales & Marketing support

Sales & Marketing are key processes in most businesses. As internal and external conditions changes, it's important to constantly develop these processes too.

But it's easy to get stuck in old habits and truths. Take advantage of Naviro’s long B2B experience.

We will within short establish a neutral helicopter view, and suggest improvement areas.

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Analysis and studies

Need to get a grip of something, but lack the time or tools to do so? Let us help you.

We are the extra resource you may need. You can focus on your normal duties while we complete the studies and analysis you need.

We work very much down-to-earth and use practical experience and good business understanding rather than fancy models. We dive directly in your specific needs and always aim at producing material that really makes a difference.

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Integration & Change Management

Integration and change projects are difficult and challenging tasks, and often have a strong impact on your business. Yet they are often overseen and lack the resources and competences they require.

We have ample experience and the advantage of being a neutral party from outside your organization. We are good at gaining trust from the organization, and often become a relief valve and sounding-board. A successful integration or change project is about understanding people and showing good leadership, but also about using the right methods and tools. Let us help you.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

When an acquisition or merger is planned and effectuated, a lot of resources and competences are needed. Naviro can assist as business advisor before and during the Due Diligence phase..

We can be a neutral observer and advisor, but also lead activities and act as the initial "middle man".

We have own M&A experience both as buyer, seller and advisor. Experience from all sides beats any theory in critical matters like M&A.

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Angel Investor

We live as we learn and thus like to develop Naviro's own business as well.

Naviro therefore invests in other companies as a business angel. Typically in start-ups or young growth companies. We like to contribute with capital, competence and our network. Together with the founders and/or other owners, we start a journey with a common goal.

Naviro is part of 2 Swedish angel investor networks; CONNECT and ALMI Delfinerna.

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Certified Board Member

Looking for an external board member? Good, because research shows it is highly helpful, also for small owner-led companies.

A board could and should be more than a formality. With an active board work, the company can develop faster and safer.

We are certified by CONNECT, have wide business experience and learn new businesses fast. Give your board work the attention it deserves and bring onboard new competences.

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The idea game: Effective brainstorming!

Need new ideas, new solutions to old problems, and a new way of thinking? Then try the Idea Game! A new method to generate and qualify ideas, fast and with surprisingly good results.

It is fun, fast and surprisingly effective! You have very little to lose and a lot to win. So come on an try it! The Idea game is played like a classic board game, combined with several techniques to create new ideas and to qualify them. Elements of competition, speed and a lot of fun brings the process forward with speed and remarkable results. You will be surprised of the things you come up with!

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